This is the Miramar Hotel swimming pool close to our house. While the pools are meant for only hotel guests, the hotel employees don't really check. My dad took us there though I never learned how to swim.  After playing in the pool we used to eat the hot dogs and soda at the pool bar.

We also used to play cops and robbers with my brother's friends at the neighborhood at Kaiulani Avenue and Cleghorn Street. That place was probably not the safest for kids. John’s friend Brian lived at a whaler's building on Kaiulani. I think someone got murdered there so the building management installed a key system soon after. One day on his way to Brian's house, a man with a beer can asked John if he wanted some. After this John got very afraid of walking in that neighborhood alone. I would have to walk with him to and from his friend's house every time he went.

Many of my elementary school classmates lived in this neighborhood and many still do.

My parents still have their kiosk at International Marketplace.

Alice Kim 2008