ala wai canal 1920 to 1928

Across the street from the condo was the Hilton Hawaiian Village, home of the Don Ho show, the lagoon, and KUMU radio station that broadcast strange eerie elevatorish music, this overpowered any other station you tried to get so you either listen to it or the one tape we had of Jesus Christ Super Star the musical.


This all set the stage of what to do with your day. What, what could we do? We had already eaten lunch. TV only had golf... I think GI Joe had some things to do. A parachute for GI Joe would have been the best but he was too heavy to use the home made Saran Wrap one, plus we weren't really supposed to leave the apartment, which we would have had to do if we threw him off the lanai... This is where the ball of string comes in handy. You know GI Joe is an excellent mountain climber, and he has a mission, to go down to the highway flowers and spy on the the people in the business suites.

So we tied GI Joe up, just the one, since there was only one ball of string, and lowered him down. I am not sure how long we were amused by this or whether the people in the business suites ever noticed a plastic doll being raised and lowered along their floor to ceiling window to spy on them. But to think of it today is all kinda funny and a bit ironic since Ft. Derussy the military center for RR during the Vietnam War was also just across the street.

Our parents sold the condo many years ago, but the building is still there and whenever I pass it and look up to see it there is a GI Joe hanging off a balcony.

Lisa Luke, 2003