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Back in 96 in waikiki, I set up a white backdrop right across from the concession stand area on Kalakaua Avenue. I attached a piece of foam core to a light stand with an "A" clamp and I posted a hand-written sign that said "Free Photos". I just sat there and waited. Most people wouldn't pay attention to it at all, but some did. I shot about thirty portraits in one afternoon. I would give people a polaroid and take one for myself. I did not get any information from the people I photographed, I don't know who they are or what they do.

I'm sending you just a few copy slides. That's all I have here in Hawai'i. The rest is in New York. The slides are kind of crappy, the backgrounds should be pure white. In a way I like the crappiness of the slides as well. It is important that they are of a certain size so people can see the detail in the faces. That was the idea when I did it -- these faces you see when you sit down in Waikiki and watch people. You don't know where these people come from so you imagine...

Sergio Goes