1880 Hall's Residence

My grandmother bought 3 acres for $7,000 in the present Halekulani area from a man named Hall. The estate was divided between my mother and my two uncles. My oldest uncle got the Diamond Head half, my mother got the middle quarter, and my other uncle, Arthur Brown, got the Ft. DeRussy quarter. My mother put up a two-story house on the Diamond Head side of the present swimming beach, and I was born and raised there. My uncle built a beautiful home on the Ft. DeRussy side of us that later became the Halekulani Hotel.

In 1912 my mother rented our house to Ma Gray, who used it as a boardinghouse until 1928. I never knew her first name, but because of the boardinghouse, the beach quickly became known as Gray's Beach and the name stuck. It was the only good sand beach in the immediate area, and people came from all over to swim there. There was coral on both sides of the beach and a natural sand-filled channel out through the reef that was called Gray's Channel. My mother sold the property to Clifford Kimball in 1929. He developed the Halekulani Hotel.

J. Atherton Gilman, October 22, 1972
(from John Clark's Hawai'i Place Names)