Lau Yee Chai



John Lind and P.Y. Chong

John Lind arrived in Hawaii'i in 1939 as an employee of Dohrmann Hotel Supply Co., a large mainland restaurant equipment dealer. During WWII, soldiers were housed in Waikiki. Lind and P.Y. Chong set up a steak house located where the Ilikai Hotel now stands - broiling steaks into the wee hours.

At one time they had trouble getting meat so Chong located several small calfs that he had grazing behind the steak house. When the Board of Health heard the report, Chong was instructed to have them removed.

Lind wrote, "P.Y. and I loaded them in our flatbed truck with the side gates up for the trip to Woodlawn where he owned property. With P.Y. sitting along side me early on a Sunday morning with the cows mooing, we cruised the quiet residential Manoa area en route to Woodlawn Meadows."