Hookers couldn't walk down the street last week because of the TV cameras and reporters. KHON and KITV were both doing specials on street prostitution in Waikiki for showing during sweep week. The report is a 5 part series beginning May 2 (Sunday). I was called by both stations but only did one interview which was for KHON. The taping and interview were both done in my office. (One walking scene was shot in the front of the Health Center.)

Frankly I'm scared to do interviews. One never knows what words the reporters will select or how they will edit together one's words to get what they want.

Also the camera person burned a hole in my freshly painted wall with his bright light, which ticked me off.

There are times when discussing prostitution is a real problem for me. I want people to know the truth about the life, BUT some days my tolerance for the general ignorance about the sex profession is very low. Especially when someone asks me a particularly stupid question like...





Or, how do you talk to a prostitute? I mean get a life! It's like some people believe Hookers are aliens instead of mothers, sisters, daughters, cousins etc. In other words, women working long and hard hours doing the best they can to get a long just like every other woman in this world.

So if my patience is thin and my mood is less than cheerful be patient with me. I've been probably been asked one too many stupid questions.


From "On The Track" by Pam Vessels - Waikiki Health Center, May 1993