Don Ho (left) & Kui Lee (right) - years later




We hung out in Waikiki at night too. After a day of taking tourists on surfboard and canoe rides, the Beach Boys were pleased to hang out with their own (us young guys). We would tell stories but we'd mainly sing.

The Beach Boy favored the music that me and my pals (from Kamehameha School for Boys) sung because we were different. We developed a music repertoire ALL in Hawaiian.

Our stuff wasn't popular at the time. The popular music being sung in Hawai’i in the 40’s was the 1930s Hay-way-ian 1930s hapa haole stuff. "Little Brown Girl"..."I Love a Maui Girl," etc.

We sang stuff such as "Na Ali'i"...vigorous and "Pupu O Ewa" (which Don later turned into "Pearly Shells" in English.) Don (Ho) was a year older than me and Kui (Lee) was my age. We represented the crème de la crème - getting an education, not common in those days. Don's and Kui's musical careers took off about 15 or so years later.

J. Arthur Rath, 2008