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Gaye Chan and Nandita Sharma, co-editors




Stories about Waikiki are a dime a dozen. Waikiki has been used as an exotic backdrop for Hollywood movies, prime-time television shows, coffee table pseudo-history books and pulp fiction. The characters are always glamorous and exotic. Private eyes who fall in love with prostitutes (always not-haole). Hawaiian princesses who fall in love with sailors (always haole), and then 'fall' into volcanoes. Lurid, seductive and otherworldly. These prefab fantasies are embedded into the readers imaginations.

Stories like these are no accident. They are told and retold, turning conquest into adventure, imperialism into romance, capitalism into progress. They work to lure visitors to Waikiki through the promise of escape. They work to legitimize, or even legislate, the transformation of Hawaii's people into the nuts and bolts of this fantasy machine. They work to keep most of Hawaii's people convinced that this is our only option, or worse, our destiny.

Somewhere along the way, stories by or of domination and the dominators became history. And other stories are...

What are these other stories?

What are these stories that have been left out that can help us understand what happened here and the world over? What are the stories that can help us understand what other worlds are possible?