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The Halekulani is one of the fancier hotels in Waikiki. Rooms range from $325 to $4,500 a night. It is, of course, right on the beach. To get to the beach from the Halekulani there are three ways.

One way is through the hotel. The hotel is of course restricted to guests. You can walk through it and if you look like a tourist no one is likely to stop you. But if you look a little funny--a little down on your luck say or a little ragged around the edges--then things might get a little more complicated.

Access to the hotel isn't policed by identification, but it is instead policed by a series of signs that constantly remind you that if you look a little funny then this isn't the place for you.

Even if you aren't staying at the hotel, legally, all beaches in Hawai`i are public property. However, what this means in terms of access is open to debate.

Some argue that the public have the right to pass over private land to get to the beach. Some argue that the state has to purchase beach access routes from property owners and compensate them.

In 2001, the island of Kaua'i finally declared that anyone subdividing land adjoining either a beach or a mountain area used for recreation had to build trails through property no less than 300 feet or more than 1,500 feet apart.

I can't find any record of such a law on O'ahu. The confusion benefits property owners. And to protect themselves, in case a court case eventually recognizes assumed public right of ways, they post a lot of restrictive signs. The goal is to suggest that going through the hotel is not a public right of way. Despite the friendly sign inviting walking (are those shopping bags those figures are carrying?), the hotel has reminders of revocable rights posted on signs, even on the public street near the entrance to the hotel.

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2199 Kalia Road