Ahahui Malama I Ka Lokahi
A non-profit organization created by native Hawaiians who recognize that Hawai'i's unique native plants, animals, and ecosystems represent a vital cultural resource in danger of extinction. We believe that Hawaii's native ecosystems provide the cultural heart of its people, the basis for traditional material culture, and constitutes what makes the Hawaiian link to the land unique in the world.

Ask Me for the Moon: Working Nights in Waikiki
by John Zuern

Ala Wai Canal Project
A multi-purpose project being undertaken by the US Army Corps of Engineers (COE) and the State of Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR).  This project incorporates flood hazard reduction and ecosystem restoration for the Ala Wai watershed on the island of Oahu.

Center for Hawaiian Studies
Introduction and list of sources of the University of Hawaii Center for Hawaiian Studies.

The Center for Oral History
COH preserves the recollections of Hawai‘i’s people through oral interviews and disseminates oral history transcripts to researchers, students, and the general community.

DOLE STREET by Juliana Spahr (pdf)

Eating in Public
Shared projects for reclaiming the commons.

Institute for the Advancement of Hawaiian Affairs
Perspectives on Hawaiian Sovereignty and independence by HSEC member Poka Laenui, including essays on international law, history, culture, health and economics.

Hawaii Monitor
Independent source of news and analysis of politics in Hawai'i, focusing on power and accountability, typically ignored by daily journalism

Hui Malama
"We Care For And Protect The Kupuna Of Hawai`i"
Na Makou E Malama I NA Iwi O Ko Makou Kupuna Nana Mo`o E Malama I KO Makou Iwi.

Independent Sovereign Nation-State of Hawai'i
Provides information on the legal foundation for the restoration of Hawaiian independence.

KAHEA: The Hawaiian-Environmental Alliance
A network of activists throughout five main Hawaiian Islands addressing critical issues within Hawaii's communities and 'ahupua'a. Kahea works with citizens organizing to protect sensitive shorelines and culturally significant sites from inappropriate development.

Kapiolani Park Preservation Society
The mission of the Kapiolani Park Preservation Society is to preserve and protect the beauty of the Park, its green open spaces and magnificent trees, and to keep the Park free and open to all.

Kia`i `Aina (Ceded Lands Inventory) Project
The first step in fulfilling the traditional concept of "Malama `Aina" as Native Hawaiians today continue to struggle with the same question as that of our ancestors – Pehea la e pono ai? The goal of the project is to complete an inventory of what is referred to as the "Ceded Lands" or formerly the Crown and government lands of the Kingdom of Hawai`i that are presently utilized by the State and federal governments.

Protect Kaho`olawe `Ohana
Provides information on the Island of Kaho`olawe, which is being restored from decades as a Navy bombing target and managed as a Hawaiian cultural reserve for eventual transfer to the sovereign Hawaiian nation.

Kingdom of Hawai`i
Seeks the reinstatement and restoration of the Kingdom of Hawai`i, with historical, common law and international documents.

Native Hawaiian Advisory Council
An educational and legal support group for Native Hawaiians, with an emphasis on water rights issues.

Office of Hawaiian Affairs
OHA is a state agency managed by elected Native Hawaiian trustees, providing programs for the betterment of the Hawaiian community.

'Oiwi: A Native Hawaiian Journal
The first journal dedicated to the mana'o (thoughts) and hana no'eau (works)

Save Kaimana Beach Coalitiion
formed to protect the last local beach in Waikiki by opposing City government's attempt to commercialize the Natatorium

The Polynesian Voyaging Society
Founded in 1973 to research how Polynesian seafarers discovered and settled nearly every inhabitable island in the Pacific Ocean before European explorers arrived in the 16th century.

TinFish Press
Tinfish Press publishes a journal of experimental poetry from the Pacific, including Hawai`i, New Zealand/Aotearoa, Australia, California, and western Canada.

The Hawaiian Electronic Library

Ulupo (Kalonize Kailua)

2199 Kalia Road by Juliana Spahr (pdf)