Eric and Jean Chan (foreground) try to go dancing at the Paladium twice a week. It is the only place in Waikiki that they go to. Eric was instrumental in convincing the city of Honolulu to build a dance hall on the site of the Ala Wai Golf Course. He is still a bit surprised that they did it.

He boosts constantly that it is the largest dance hall in the US -- holding 500 couples.

The Paladium has free ballroom dancing from noon to 4pm every Monday to Thursday. The attendees are mostly senior citizens.

On Thursday to Saturday nights, three ballroom dancing clubs organize evening events. Members pay $2. Non-members pay $4. Eric says that some of his friends join all three clubs so that they can save on entrance fees. Eric and Jean did not join any of the clubs because Jean does not trust Eric to drive at night anymore.