ala wai canal 1920 to 1928



I work for a printing company and was assigned this job about three years ago – delivering "The Bus Guides" to the stores in Waikiki. About once a week, I inventory the stock at each store that carries "The Bus Guides". I park at the zoo and walk 'ewa (west) all the way down Kalakaua Avenue, then back on Kuhio Ave. Then I deliver the guides with a pickup truck along the same route, backwards.

I walk I watch people. Lots of tourists from Japan, Germany,… I wonder what brought them here. I see them taking pictures all the time. Of the beach, or the famous hotels. I walk by and they don’t see me. I am not part of the scenery they came to see so they don’t see me. I hear the cameras click when I walk by with my beat-up aluminum clipboard. I am probably in the background in lots of pictures, as noise. In family albums. All over the world. Maybe I’m famous?

Hoku Takahashi, 2003