The above photograph is entitled "Apuakehau Heiau" by Kapulani Landgraf

This photograph was made at the shore side of the Moana Hotel built on the same location site as the 'Apuakehau heiau.

The text to the right is scratched onto the negative by the artist.


Having landed at Waikiki, Kauhiakama, a chief of Maui was met by Oahu chiefs and slain. His body was exposed at the heiau of 'Apuakehau and great indignities were committed with his bones. Years later, Kahekili, a noted descendent and king of Maui avenged this outrage in the battle of Niuhelewai, defeating Kahahana and conquering Oahu. This was in 1783, and is not unlikely that the Papaenaena heiau was erected by Kahekili in recognition of his victory, and ignoring the prominent temple of 'Apuakehau at Helumoa, whose altar was so defiled by the ignominious treatment of his illustrious ancestor. This temple was long demolished, not a stone being left to mark the site of the 'Apuakehau heiau.