We met Ken Chong today. He buys and sells vintage Hawai'i paper ephemera. Ken grew up on 'Oahu, first in the Kalihi-Palama area and then in Palolo. He told us that when he was little, in the late 1930s, he used to ride the streetcar to Waikiki all the time. He and his friends liked to swim where a stream flowed into the ocean by the Moana Hotel

Our ears perked up at this point 'cause the late 1930s was AFTER the Ala Wai Canal was completed. Ken showed us an old postcard of Waikiki beach with the Moana in the background. He said, "see it shows the stream right here."
I have circled the stream on the image to the left. I have seen this card lots of time but never noticed the stream there before.

This is the 'Apuakehau stream, one of the streams that flows into Waikiki from the valleys. The Ala Wai canal was dredged to dry up the farms in Waikiki but it seems that the streams still continue to flow underground. 'Apuakehau evidentally appears on land sometimes. Maybe when Ken was little you could see it appear more often.

To the left of the stream was where the Outrigger used to be. It is the brown structure on stilts on the left edge of the postcard.

See another photo of the stream seen from the ocean toward the mountains.

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