ala wai canal 1920 to 1928



Lewers is a uniquely dingy street in Waikiki that is often called Sewers.

Lewers is named after either Christopher H. Lewers, a lawyer from the late 1800s, or Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewers, the owners of the Halekulani Hotel, at the same time. The entrance to the Halekulani is at the end of of Lewers.

Lewers is full of bars and tourist shops selling "I got lei'd in Hawaii" t-shirts, plastic hula bobble dolls, and baseball caps celebrating the Japanese surrender in WWII. It is, like all of Waikiki, also full of weird corridors and alleys that lead to more bars and more shops.

In the evenings there is usually a horse drawn carriage for rent. The horse wears a sort of diaper contraption and some sort of rubber sheath over his penis. By the end of the night, the rubber sheath is full of urine. The man who drives the carriage can often be seen emptying out the full bladder of urine on the street.