"In May of 1970, Louisa Rice was a guest on KNUI Radio along with Sol Bright, who was a famous entertainer in Hawaii, and my wife Nina Maxwell. We were also entertaining on the show. Louisa Rice who was a cab driver in Waikiki was on the show to relate a very spiritual thing that happened to her. She related that several weeks ago, she got through late at night and had parked her cab fronting her home on Lewers Ave. in Waikiki. Her car had an electrical short and caught fire and was totally damaged. The only item that was intact, although the cover was badly scorched, was a book called Hawaii's Story written by the last Queen of Hawaii Liliuokalani. The book was given to her by a fare as a gift, but she never read it and left it in the car. Believing it was an omen, she read the book and was shocked to learn about what happened to Queen Liliuokalani. She never learnt in school that America was involved in helping the descendants of the missionaries to overthrow the queen. Louisa Rice had asked me to be the Maui representative at the radio show and I halfheartedly agreed because I felt it was too long since the overthrow occurred and America is so powerful we could not get anything done. She traveled to all the islands telling everyone about the "burnt book" and it was a message to our people to 'wake up'".

by Kahu Charles Kauluwehi Maxwell, Sr.