I was born on June 13, 1923, and when I was young, my family lived on Makini Street in Kapahulu. I started surfing at Waikiki about 1935 when I was twelve years old. We were using the old solid redwood boards. We kept them at home and they were heavy for us to carry all the way to the beach. At that time there was a wide, open ditch that went from Paki Avenue along Kapahulu Avenue to the beach. The zoo wasn‘t built and there was only black sand there. At the Kapahulu-Kalakaua intersection, the ditch went under the road and ended at a small jetty. The ocean came all the way up the ditch to Paki, so that‘s where we put our boards in the water, and we paddled to Waikiki. Sometimes we surfed at the jetty, but we usually went to Queen‘s or Canoes.

Daniel Kapuniai, September 28, 2000 (from John Clark's Hawai'i Place Names)