I had been dating Cindy for about nine months. She was working at a strip joint and ‘married’ to this old military guy. They weren’t married in the regular way but in a ‘mutually beneficial’ way. She needed a visa to come to the US and he needed a good-looking woman to show off to his friends. She paid the rent and he took care of the house and her kid. I was attracted to women who are, how can I say, wild? Guess I still am.

Anyway this one night Cindy was really really drunk. It must have been after 2 the bars were all closed. I was driving my 2-seater beamer and she was sitting on my friend Lyle‘s lap in the passenger seat. Cindy was mad at me about something and she was acting crazy. She kept pulling and punching me, screaming for me to let her out of the car. There were cops all over and I kept telling her to stop cause she was attracting attention. I was pretty wasted too. This started her screaming and kicking the dashboard. By this time Lyle got seriously pissed off. When I stopped at a red light he just pushed her out of the car and slammed the door. She rolled into the street. He apologized to me about that but I was secretly glad.


But I couldn’t just leave her walking around alone in the middle of the night. I was afraid she would get into trouble or something. So I followed her in the car. I guess hoping she would calm down or sober up. She must have called her husband on her cel cause in just minutes it seemed I see his car speeding down Kuhio Ave toward us. He swerved into the oncoming traffic right in front of us. He blocked my car in, stormed out of his car and puffed himself up to fight. He went for Lyle I guess he didn't think he should fight a woman. Lyle, who was quite a bit shorter, but younger, jumped up and punched him in the head. At the same time, Cindy tried to pull me out of the car.

We were in the middle of the street and blocking all the traffic. Anyway, after Cindy’s husband got punched he must have thought he too had had enough. He lifted Cindy by the waist and threw her into their car and drove off.

Man, this was the last time I saw Cindy.

Debbie Chang, 2003