I have been working at Ritz Camera on Kalakaua Ave since last November. I am a floater which means I have no real title for my job and I do a little of everything. I run the cash register. I print pictures. Basically whatever needs done.

We print about 10,000 pictures each day. About 85-90% of our customers are visitors. The pictures are pretty much always of the same things. People standing in front of 'sites'. You know like in front of Diamond Head, in Diamond Head crater, at Hanauma Bay, at the fake coral reefs by Hilton Hawaiian Village. They imprison sea turtles in there for people to swim with and 'pet'. Lots of pictures of people in front of the huge fish tank on Kalakaua Ave where they have lots of imprisoned sealife, including a shark and a sting ray.


Oh yeah, and there are always these guys who shoot lots of pictures of women in bikinis on the beach. This one particular guy shot lots of women's butts with his telephoto lens. I told him that my photography professor at the university said that there was a difference between taking and making pictures and I thought he took, and not made. He got mad at me and asked for my professor and manager's name. He said I tried to cheat him on his order.

I went to New York last month to visit my family. On the plane I met a woman who has been to Hawai'i a few times but never left Waikiki. She asked me if people have jobs in Hawai'i.

Natasha Harden, 2004